#WIMtern Week 3/ Task 3: Travel Destination Playlist (Photo Essay)

  A travel playlist is a collection of audio files for traveling. Music adds flavor in traveling as it can help in setting your mood. It can either be a relaxing music or a fast-paced sound that depicts excitement. Travel Destination Playlist by Roro:                      …Read more #WIMtern Week 3/ Task 3: Travel Destination Playlist (Photo Essay)


#WIMtern Week 2/ Task 2: Millennial Fashionology 101 (Photo essay)

Millennials are using social media as a source of information for fashion trends. They can simply search for a particular style they want and results to tons of pictures with description. There are also fashion bloggers and vloggers (online influencers) who endorse and recommends products by posting their OOTDs via their social networking sites. OOTD…Read more #WIMtern Week 2/ Task 2: Millennial Fashionology 101 (Photo essay)

#WIMtern Week 1/ Task 1: “I am Roro” (Photo Essay)

Hi, my name is Christine Grace Roasa but you can call me "Roro" (row-row). I am currently employed as a Talent Acquisition Consultant (Recruiter) in an IT company. I am applying for the internship position for the Photography team because I want to learn more about photography and I would also want to share my…Read more #WIMtern Week 1/ Task 1: “I am Roro” (Photo Essay)

Cebu 2017

Soul Sisters in Cebu February 16 - 21, 2017 (6 days and 5 nights) We booked our trip last June 12, 2016 via Airasia (Independence day seat sale). After 8 months of waiting, it finally came. Our initial plan was to go to Bantayan island but we decided to focus on visiting South Cebu first.…Read more Cebu 2017

Budget traveling

Book early  Waiting game: Wait for a seat sale. Seat sales are usually released via social networking sites. You have to be very patient in booking. Seat sale usually starts at midnight (12 midnight) onwards. There are limited seats only and limited destinations as well. Airline tickets are usually cheaper if you will book your…Read more Budget traveling